The Story

Rose Paper Studio was established in May of 2019 after a great amount of reassurance from my friends and family members. The focus of my business is providing hand-drawn printed goods that promotes both self love and self care. Most pieces also feature botanical art that is drawn from my life here in the PNW. 

I, myself, am a perfectionist and while I strive for perfection in all of my pieces, I am a firm believer that imperfections are what makes art so special. All of my prints are drawn by hand, making the print unique and special in its own way.

Rose Paper Studio's name was chosen because Rose is a name passed down through generations of family members. My grandma, my mom, my own middle name, as well as being passed down as a middle name to a cousin and niece. I knew when being encouraged to open a shop that Rose would absolutely be a part of the name.